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  • Professionally, Susan Taylor was thorough and detailed in the process of selling our home. She has a network of different support companies she leans on to improve the appeal of the home prior to selling. For example, her stager provided recommendations which included some painting to update and refresh some of our rooms, and staging our home for selling appeal. Since Susan was informed of the comparable homes in the area that sold, and were currently available or coming soon to the market, it helped us understand her pricing recommendation for our house. Overall, we were happy and glad with Susan Taylor as our Realtor. She has great social and negiotating skills, is a hard worker and an enthusiastic individual with many years of experience in the real estate industry.
    By Susan S, 29-03-2018
  • Our decision to work with Ralph & The Helping You Move team was definitely the best decision my husband and I made when it came to selling our home! Ralph took the time to explain the process to us (step by step) and by doing so, we felt at ease along the way. In this tough real estate market - it can be very stressful but yet Ralph still made it as fun and enjoyable as possible! The Helping You Move Team was very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with - we would definitely recommend them to anyone!
    By Cathy C, 28-03-2018
  • I did some grade 12 summer courses here. The staff and customer service were beyond amazing and listened to each and every one of my concerns and requests. The courses themselves were great. They were comprehensive and thorough. The prices are also quite affordable for a private school. On top of that, the teachers themselves are extremely friendly and willing to help you in any way they can. If you need something academically, the people here are more than willing to help you and provide you with what you need. I'm not doing this for the contest draw, I'm writing because I genuinely enjoyed my time at this school, and I would recommend to anyone. You're making a great investment and won't regret it. My only complaint is the platform this school uses for its courses, which is called Engrade. It's quite limited in functionality and experiences technical difficulties quite often. However, I am told BrightMinds will be moving to a more stable platform in the future, so definitely look forward to that.
    By Jimmy Gong, 27-03-2018
  • The services is great and very professional. Since law clerk can speak mandarin, there is no language barrier. This is my first time buy house, law clerk give me a lot of advice about how to smoothly go through these procedures and some even beyond her job.We become friend after this service. And also the service fee is reasonable.
    By Sunny Yang, 27-03-2018

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